4 Reasons To Use GameFly

Times are very tough right now the economy seems to be getting better however I don’t seem to be benefitting from it in the least. I love to play the newest video games however because I have not been making as much money as I used to it is very hard for me to afford to buy a new game once a week or even once a month. That’s why I decided to try out GameFly and so far I have been very impressed with their service. I wanted to go over a  few things that I really like about GameFly along with some of the things that GameFly could do just a little bit better.

Game Selection

Those of you that have used Netflix before will feel at home when selecting which games you want to rent, essentially you go through what games you want to play and order from what you want to play the most all the way down to the ones you don’t care too much about playing. You also get to see the availability of the games you want to rent which ranges from low to available now. If a game has a low availability chances are you will not get it the higher it is the more likely you are of getting the game and obviously if the game is available now you should expect to get it providing it’s up high enough on the list. Often times the new release games have a low availability for a while and I have yet to get a new game in my mail box the day it came out, of course the games I want to play that badly I usually do end up buying. Overall GameFly is pretty easy to get games the only downside is new release games are harder to get because so many people want to play them.

Trade-In / Buy

If you end up renting a game and you love the game and want to buy it you can select to keep the game from you GameFly account and you will be billed for the game and then shipped the case and manual. I think this is a really nice feature with GameFly because if you rent a game like Red Dead Redemption that could take you a while to complete but you know you like the game you can simply buy the game and get another game shipped out to you rather than keeping one game out for the entire month. Another thing I like about GameFly is the ability to trade in games to go towards your monthly bill or just get credits to purchase games with. Most games are available to be traded-in and can usually get you more money than you would get from GameStop. One example of this is Mafia II which just came out last week, the game will get you $32.10 if you trade it in or you can buy the game used (keep it) for $47.99 not a bad deal at all if you ask me.

Fast Shipping

GameFly also has pretty fast shipping, it usually takes me about 2 – 4 days to receive a game in the mail and I’m not by one of their shipping centers. While it isn’t quite as fast as Netflix is which usually takes me 2 days to receive a new movie after sending the old back, it is fast considering GameFly only has 4 shipping centers currently. The downside however is sometimes it can take a while to get a game, since I’m not close to a shipping center a small delay can translate into a few days which is why I recommend going with the 2 game plan that way you can play one game while the other game is going to the shipping center so you will have minimal gaming downtime.

Quick Summary


Alright so those of you that don’t feel like reading the entire article I figured I’d just sum things up for you.

  • GameFly has a lot of games to pick from however new release titles are hard to get.
  • GameFly lets you keep the games you like, and the price to keep them is often times less than the price it would be at GameStop.
  • GameFly lets you trade-in your games and often times gives you more than what GameStop would give you.
  • GameFly has fast shipping considering they only have 4 shipping centers; however they only have 4 shipping centers which is a downside. The solution to this is get a 2 game plan.

Currently if you sign up with any of the links provided in this article you will get up to 40% off your first month of service which translates into a little over $10 for the 2 games out at a time plan. So really you don’t have much to lose by trying out GameFly, you can get up to 40% off your first month by using this code. Also by trying out GameFly you are in turn helping to keep this website up and running. Those of you that have tried out GameFly before or are currently using GameFly let me know what you think about GameFly in the comments below.

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