Portable Band Saw – A Necessary Tool For Your Collection

There are a host of tools that you may find useful when doing intricate electrical, plumbing or mechanical work when you are in the home improvement or repair mode.  And, for the professional, the list of necessary tools expands even further.  However, one tool that is indispensable if you are going to do work that goes beyond the basic and enters the category of involved, advanced and precise is a portable band saw confirmed by this website.

The DIY market has evolved over the years to the point where even some of the most sophisticated or difficult projects are no longer the exclusive domain of the professional.  Take a look at the wonderful variety of saws from which to choose.  As you will see, there is something for every need and/or budget.

If you are looking to get top-notch tried and true quality at an accessible price, look no further than the DeWalt D28770K portable band saw kit.  The compact yet powerful 6.0 Amp motor gives you the ability to cut at speeds from 82 to 280 feet per minute.  The durable rubber bumpers give it ample protection at even the toughest job sites.  Light and easy to handle, the D28770K ensures accuracy in your cuts as deep as 4 ¾ inches regardless of whether you are working with round or block shaped material.  Just $135.00 will get you this magnificent power tool, you can find more information about this tool and others.

For easy work in tight places and where outlets are scarce, you might consider the Milwaukee 2629-20 M18 18V portable cordless band saw.  Just 10 ¼ pounds, its made for easy maneuvering in close quarters.  Easily cut just about anything in the electrical, mechanical and pluming realm.  Cut through 3 inch copper pipes in an instant.  You will be able to work with confidence at night and in dark areas by using the handy LED light.  Changing blades is a snap too with the easy to change blade ejection set up.  Get high level performance at a great price — around $220.00, depending on availability and special promotions.

For more power and faster cutting, a terrific option is the Makita BPB180 portable band saw kit.  Get lightening quick cutting and the force normally reserved for the corded variety of band saw.  This model is perfect of cutting plastic, wood and thin metals by using any of the six speeds.  The 18V Lithium battery holds is designed to last long and keep you working.  Compact and light — 14.1 pounds — the BPB180 is perfect for the advanced DIYer or the long time pro.  For $400.00 to $450.00 you are assured of quality for years to come.

Regardless of the brand or whether you need the cordless variety, there is no question that a portable band saw is a valuable addition to any tool collection.  Make quick work of all your cutting challenges in any of the hard to get to places.  Once you have determined your budget and work needs, by all means make a band saw purchase — you won’t regret it.

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